Pickup Truck Aluminium Bed Liner

We are now producing Aluminium Bed Liners for pickup trucks. Our Bed liners are made to order, and we work with our customers, and offer many optional extras such as tie down points, and tool boxes, to ensure you make the best use of space on your pickup.



Stack 'A' Rack - Optimise your pickup loadspace!

Fed up with not being able to carry anything longer that 1.5 metres in the back of your pickup!

We at OTS Truck Systems have the answer!

Stack 'A' Rack -Optimise your pickup loadspace.

  • Our fully Aerodynamic racking system is fully adjustable and can be removed at the drop of a hat.
  • 400kg load Capacity when spread evenly over A-Frames
  • Reduce your need to tow a trailer, and in turn keep fuel costs down.
  • Fully adjustable for short or longer length loads
  • Multiple tie down points to keep you load safe at all times.
  • Keep your truck bed free for your other tools or possessions.
  • Fully clamp on system, no need to drill your truck.


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